Lil Uzi Vert’s Fabulous Purse-First Stage Exit At Coachella 2024 Has Trolls Online Upset, But They Surely Don’t Care

Expect the unexpected from Lil Uzi Vert. The “Endless Fashion” rapper isn’t a fan of binaries in their gender identity or the designer labels they wear.

On April 12, during weekend one of Coachella, Uzi embraced their fluid freedom by voguing on stage (a unique style of dance birthed in the ballroom scene). Users online and Uproxx‘s hip-hop editor Aaron Williams alike applauded the spontaneous choreography. So, yesterday (April 19), Uzi pushed the boundaries even further.

After concluding their performance, Uzi left stage, purse first (hi, Bob The Drag Queen). But it was just any bag, after Uzi gestured to the item, the camera revealed it was indeed a six-figure Kelly Birkin handbag. Then allowed the fully customized ‘Chrome Hearts’ edition of the highly sought after Hermès item.

Similar to last weekend’s response to Uzi’s voguing, users online loved the moment. Many even begged that the now viral clip be turned into a GIF so that could use it on a daily basis. However, other like streamer Adin Ross, Akademiks, and more weren’t seemingly offended.

During Ross’ watch party broadcast, his face read as if he was disgusted by Uzi carrying a designer handbag.

During another stream, Akademiks spewed a few disgusting allegations.

But what does Uzi have to say about the pushback? Well, onstage Uzi knew that some would be off put by their leather crop top portion of their costume, to which they immediately brushed it off. “I look good,” they declared.

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