Video: Becky Lynch crashes in-studio Rhea Ripley interview in chaotic scene on The MMA Hour

The road to Wrestlemania 40 made a stop at The MMA Hour studio in New York City, and the rivalry between WWE women’s champion Rhea Ripley and her opponent Becky Lynch was taken to another level.

On Monday, Ripley joined Ariel Helwani in-studio to preview her Wrestlemania match with Lynch this weekend. Helwani then let Ripley know that Lynch had returned to the studio and planned to join the interview, to which Ripley obliged. Eventually, Lynch barged into the room and the two women were forced to be separated, as you can see in the video below.

“You wanted my attention, I’m here,” Lynch said. “You want to talk about my daughter to get my attention? You think this is a joke?”

“It’s always a joke because you’re a joke,” Ripley replied after Lynch shoved her.

“You think I’m a joke? Let’s f****** go at Wrestlemania. Let’s go at Wrestlemania,” Lynch said as security separated the two women before eventually removing Lynch from the room.

Lynch joined the show the prior week to plug her new book, The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl, and had plenty of things to say about how Ripley conducted herself as a champion — a clip that was shown to Ripley prior to the confrontation.

Ripley and Lynch compete in a highly anticipated match at the two-night Wrestlemania extravaganza this weekend in Philadelphia, though it’s currently unknown which night the match will take place.