How Much Are Drake’s NOCTA x Nike Hot Step 2 Sneakers?

As Drake embarked on his It’s All A Blur Tour alongside frequent collaborator 21 Savage, much of the attention he received was centered on his footwear for the tour. His unique sneakers got fans just what model he was wearing, as they didn’t appear to be any of his usual favorite Nike/Jordan models. He eventually revealed they were from his Nike-backed brand NOCTA; the shoes in question were the NOCTA x Nike Hot Step 2.

Nearly a year later, the shoes made their retail debut via the SNKRS app as a “Shock Drop” in the “Total Orange” colorway. They quickly sold out, but if you missed out on them the first time, there’s good news: The “Total Orange” Hot Step 2 is returning to SNKRS on April 4. They’ll be available on on April 3.

How Much Are Drake’s NOCTA x Nike Hot Step 2 Sneakers?

According to Complex, the NOCTA x Nike Hot Step 2 will be $200.

As their name suggests, the Hot Step 2 are the second iteration of the Hot Step Air Terra, the first shoe from Drake’s Nike collaboration. The Hot Step 2 is his fourth shoe from NOCTA overall, following the originals, the NOCTA Glide, and NOCTA Zoom Drive.

Drake recently wrapped up the second round of It’s All A Blur tour dates with his “First Person Shooter” collaborator J. Cole. Incidentally, Cole also used the tour to debut his own new sneakers, the Dreamer Indie 5000s, which he has yet to announce a release date for.

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