Megyn Kelly, White Conservatives Defend Black ‘Colorblind America’ Writer after Exchange with Sunny Hostin on ‘The View’

There’s nothing the anti-woke crowd likes more than a Black man who preaches from the “we don’t see color” Bible. And that’s exactly what they’ve found in Coleman Hughes, who appeared on “The View” last week to promote his new book, The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America.

In the book—and on the show—he argues for a colorblind approach to politics and culture, and that’s where he got into a verbal debate with host Sunny Hostin, who said many in the Black community believe Hughes has been co-opted by the right. Hughes pushed back, but the proof could be online:

On TikTok, the host of The Rubin Report jumped to Hughes’ defense by calling The View’s hosts “harpies” and praising Hughes for dealing with woke folks properly. The video received more than 4,500 likes and 200+ comments in agreement.


Megyn Kelly couldn’t control her glee, taking to X and writing: “First, it is wonderful to see Coleman getting before so many different audiences w/his measured, well-researched, superior arguments. Second, it is an absolute joy to watch him calmly & expertly demolish Sunny Hostin’s fact-free assertions.”


Kelly’s post received more than 14K likes.

According to a New York Post op-ed, colorblindness is a “basic core American ideal” and the left is attacking Hughes as “though he had shown up wearing a white hood.”


Let’s be fair to Hughes. He says he’s independent in all his endeavors (CNN analyst, writer for The Free Press and his own independent podcast), and his promotion of a colorblind America—one where we addressed socioeconomic disparities instead of blaming everything on race—is what he truly believes. Nobody, he insists, is paying him to say what he says. And he also claims he doesn’t buy the “I don’t see race,’’ claim. That may be true.

But if Hughes, who argues race versus class, doesn’t see how conservatives are using his arguments to fit their narrative—and spinning it as “judge everyone by the content of their character” (who wouldn’t be in favor of that?)—then maybe someone has a bridge named Brooklyn to sell to him. Or he’s sleeping on their intent. We would never call him dumb. Perhaps he just needs an alarm clock.


Kendra Lee is a writer based in DC.

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