Jim Henson Puppeteers Are Not Thrilled With Larry David’s Elmo Attack: ‘You Just Grabbed Someone’s Hand And Twisted It’

It’s been two months since Larry David infamously attacked Elmo live on the TODAY show, and despite the Curb Your Enthusiam‘s star apology, there’s still some bad blood in the Muppet community.

While promoting the Season 2 premiere of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, Jim Henson puppeteers John Tartaglia and Dan Garza revealed that they were “taken aback” by David’s reportedly impromptu attack on Elmo. While they confirmed that the puppeteer working the little red monster that day wasn’t injured, the situation could’ve quickly gone sideways.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“You know, there was a person’s hand inside of there and that wasn’t a pretty planned thing. And so the puppeteer in me was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s super dangerous. Like, you just grabbed someone’s hand and twisted it,’” Tartaglia said, confirming that ultimately the puppeteer was OK. “People forget all the time, all the time that there is somebody inside of these characters when you don’t see us. And so, it’s a risk that we take.”

While the two puppeteers are obviously not thrilled with David’s Muppet assault, they do acknowledge that it’s a testament to their artistry when people don’t realize the human being in the mix.

“That’s the magic in our job, is that we bring these critters to life and you forget that there’s a person attached,” Garza said. “And, if I’m doing my job, right, and I’m wearing a sparkling neon suit, and I’m puppeteering live in front of you, and you’re still making eye contact with the puppet? Then I’m doing my job. I’ve seen big-time executives turn into 8-year-old children and tear up when they all of a sudden [connect through this puppet.]”

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock Season 2 is now streaming on Apple TV.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)