A Man of 6 Mugshots Named in This Disturbing Lawsuit

A lawsuit against Marriott filed by an Air Force airman alleges he woke up in his hotel room to be sexually assaulted by another man who snuck into his room. As if that’s not disturbing enough, the suspect has a lengthy record of being a repeat offender.

How did the cops let him on the loose?

The unnamed plaintiff alleges back in April 2022, he had traveled from Mississippi to Charlotte, NC to complete his training. The suit says he checked into the Marriott located uptown on West Trade Street. Though, when he went to bed, he didn’t realize there was a malfunction with the self-locking door to his room. The latch never properly locked that night, he claims, leaving his room accessible as he slept.


He then woke up in the middle of the night to find Jermaine Lamont Peay performing oral sex on him. The suit says the man “howeled in terror and lashed out” in response to the sexual assault. Peay then fled the room, snatching several of his belongings including his phone, wallet and clothes.


That night was one of 85 times the police were called to the Marriott location over the past three years, per WSOC-TV. That was also only one of Peay’s many offenses.


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This is not the first time Peay has been in trouble with the law, as WSOC-TV uncovered six of his mugshots from past arrests. It is unclear when each mugshot was taken and for what crimes, but records showed that he was previously charged with assaulting a campus police officer and ‘going armed to the terror of people.’

In North Carolina, a charge for going armed to the terror of people means that a suspect is armed with an ‘unusual or dangerous’ weapon with intentions of ‘terrorizing others,’ according to Gilles Law. Peay was arrested and charged in January 2023 with forced sex offense, larceny, breaking and entering and first-degree burglary.

He is still awaiting trial for those offenses, according to court records.

The lawsuit claims the hotel should’ve been aware the man’s hotel room door was faulty to ensure his safety and security. The plaintiff demands $160 million in unspecified damages from the hotel.


Marriott has yet to respond to the filing. Peay is currently in jail after being booked in July of 2023, according to Mecklenburg County Jail records.