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White America’s Favorite Honey Baked Ham Is in Twitter Jail After Coming for BLM Co-Founder for Buying House in White Neighborhood

Jason WhitlockScreenshot: YouTube Sports pariah and white America’s favorite lapdog Jason Whitlock is unfortunately a Black man. As such, Whitlock has found a niche in life in which his whole modus operandi is to denounce, bash, and destroy the Movement for Black Lives. Whitlock hates Black people. He hates progressive Black people even more. He […]

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28 Days of Joy: Shoutout to the Black YouTubers Who Stay Bringing the Joy

From Left to Right: Jarvis Johnson, Courtreezy, D’Angelo Wallace, Mark Phillips of RDCWordl1Screenshot: Joe Jurado YouTube is a wonderful thing, y’all. While, yes, the platform does have a litany of issues and controversies, it’s still one of the coolest hubs of creativity on the internet. While the pandemic has caused a disruptive effect in just […]

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YouTuber Milkshake Ducked After Incorrectly Disassembling Vintage Computer

David Murray, known as “the 8-Bit Guy” on his popular YouTube channel where he restores and explores retro technology, usually makes lighthearted, non-controversial videos about things like old-school chiptune music and MS-DOS games. But Murray—in the view of vintage computer enthusiasts—rushed a recent repair and damaged a rare computer. In part because of this “computer […]

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