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White Man Accused Of Murdering 2, Including Cop, Isn’t Killed Even After Shootout With Another Officer

NewsOne Featured Video A white man in Louisiana has been taken into custody alive after allegedly engaging in what police describe as a “multi-parish shooting spree,” during which he’s accused of fatally shooting two people, including a state trooper, wounding three other people and getting into a shootout with another police officer. All of this […]

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University’s White Privilege Course Goes Viral After Citing ‘Second-Hand Clothes’ As Prime Example

NewsOne Featured Video A University in the United Kingdom is encouraging students to take a four-hour course on white privilege, pronoun use, and microaggressions, and students who pass the course win a gold star. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Awarding white people with gold stars for acknowledging their privilege is, well, weird, but let’s […]

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