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With “Havana Syndrome,” Washington Is Repeating Colin Powell’s Worst Mistake

Because some of them recounted a high-pitched screeching sound sometime around the onset of symptoms, the improbable “high-tech weapons” thesis got entrenched early on. (That a patient-provided recording of the noise was later found by two separate investigative teams to be crickets did dismayingly little to dislodge this notion.) Once employees in Cuba were warned […]

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How Congress Created the Peril of Trump’s Harrowing Final Days

High-flying journalist and author Bob Woodward once again has the Beltway buzzing over a Donald Trump book. Peril, co-authored by Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, is Woodward’s third book on the former president in as many years and focuses on the president’s final, desperate days in office. Its biggest revelation thus far is that General […]

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