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At Long Last, Onscreen Portrayals of Lesbian Relationships Are Getting Complex

In most parts of the world, to be gay or transgender is to at some point realize that you’ve been taught, to varying degrees, to deny who you are and to feel shame about your desire to love and be loved — to be entitled to a full life. This is true, as well, of […]

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Jillian Mercado on ‘Generation Q’ and the Importance of Joyful Stories

This interview contains minor spoilers for Episode 9 of Season 2 of “The L Word: Generation Q.” In its five years on air, “The L Word” brought lesbian romances, drama and many, many sex scenes to the small screen. (One hundred eleven, to be exact, but who’s counting?) But Jillian Mercado — the 34-year-old actress […]

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