‘When You Motherf*#kers Get Vaccinated’: House Republicans Are Being Torched For A Tweet Complaining About Having To Wear Masks Again

Time really is a flat circle, which means that we’re back where we started in terms of this pandemic: with Republicans complaining on social media about mask-wearing mandates. This week, the Centers for Disease Control reversed its earlier indoor mask policy. While the organization has always recommended that at-risk and unvaccinated individuals continue to wear […]

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Wacky GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Claimed He Had ‘Natural Immunity’ From COVID But Now Has It For A 2nd Time, And It’s ‘Far More Challenging’ This Time

As more stories from vaccine-hesitant conservatives lead to them contracting COVID-19 and clearly regretting their decision not to get jabbed, here’s the tale of GOP Representative Clay Higgins. The Republican lawmaker recently took to Facebook (according to the American Press) to share a health update with his followers. In the post, Higgins confirmed that he, […]

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Rep. Eric Stalwell is Comparing Ted Cruz And Matt Gaetz To WWE Wrestlers Behind Closed Doors Because They’re So ‘Fake’

The mental image of Senator Ted Cruz in a tight, spandex onesie is nightmarish, to say the least, but according to a recent interview from Representative Eric Stalwell, it’s the uniform he’s more suited to wear. Let us explain. Stalwell, an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump and the Democrats’ choice for impeachment manager, recently gave […]

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