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Kyrsten Sinema Is Bathroom Alligator Trash

Advertisement We don’t even have to describe the pro-alligator people. Y’all know who they are. They are the people who are more concerned about Sea World’s mass incarceration of Orcas than they are about America’s mass incarceration of Black bodies. They truly believe that “all lives matter” but not really. Killing an animal that kills […]

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The Unbearable Whiteness of the Democratic Party…and America

The Unbearable Whiteness of the Democratic Party…and America Advertisement Of course, reconciliation is a complex process that can only be determined by the Senate Parliamentarian, who interprets the rules of the Senate. It’s not like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) can just fire or overrule the Parliamentarian. Except he can. It wouldn’t even be […]

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The Democrats’ High-Stakes Sprint Through a Legislative Minefield

However, this will be a hassle, to put it mildly. If Democrats decide to do a new reconciliation bill—that is, separate from the reconciliation bill they are currently writing, which includes a flock of Democratic agenda items (more on that later)—that will involve several time-consuming procedural steps, including two vote-a-ramas: marathon amendment voting sessions that […]

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