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Britain prepares for a post-pandemic economy, and keeps spending.

The chancellor has “delivered a ‘Boris budget,’” Torsten Bell, the chief executive of the Resolution Foundation, said in a statement. Mr. Sunak is taking advantage of the better economic growth outlook and tax receipts, which have reduced forecasts for borrowing. He plans to spend about half of those savings on more public spending, which will […]

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As Johnson Draws a Happy Face, Britons Confront a Run of Bad News

LONDON — Britons are lining up for gas, staring at empty grocery shelves, paying higher taxes and worrying about spiraling prices as a grim winter approaches. But to visit the Conservative Party conference in Manchester this past week was to enter a kind of happy valley, where cabinet ministers danced, sang karaoke and drained flutes […]

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Military Personnel in U.K. Begin Driving Fuel Trucks to Stem Shortage

Military personnel in Britain began driving fuel tankers on Monday as the government stepped up efforts to tackle a shortage of truck drivers that has closed some gas stations, caused panic buying and long lines at others, and threatened wider disruption in the run-up to Christmas. Around 200 soldiers were deployed in the south of […]

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