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President Biden’s Refusal to Eliminate Student Debt Is Out of Touch With Black Voters Who Helped Get Him Elected

Photo: Eric Broder Van Dyke (Shutterstock) Last month, President Biden declared that he would not support student debt forgiveness and took a huge step backwards in fulfilling the pledges he made to Black voters and Black women during his campaign. When asked about Senator Schumer, Senator Warren and other lawmakers’ proposal to wipe out $50,000 […]

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‘I Will Not Make That Happen’: Biden Says No to $50,000 Student Debt Forgiveness

Photo: Saul Loeb (Getty Images) Get ready to lower your expectations if you’d been hoping that President Biden would heed the call of some Democrats to cancel student debt up to $50,000 per borrower. The president outright rejected that idea during a town hall hosted by CNN in Milwaukee on Tuesday. Advertisement After a member […]

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