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Marjorie Taylor Greene Doesn’t Believe In The ‘So-Called Science’ Of Evolution, Because Of Course She Doesn’t

It’s been a while since America had a good old fashioned evolution battle. The last significant bout involving the scientific theory was in the mid-aughts, when religious groups tried to float an idea called “intelligent design,” which was effectively laughed out of existence. But someone’s trying to make scientific illiteracy a thing again, and that […]

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Notorious Vaccine Skeptic Naomi Wolf Was Banned By Twitter, And People Had Some Theories Why

Naomi Wolf was once one of the guiding lights of third wave feminism. She was a close advisor to the Clinton administration. She’s written about the rise of fascism, warning that the U.S. could be next in 2008’s The End of America. But in recent years she’s gone over to the dark side. During the […]

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Delusional Former President Is Telling People He Will Be ‘Reinstated’ as President by August, New York Times Journalist Reports

Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images) Former President HooHoo Von SlumLord is still smoking the MAGA dope and truly believes that he will become sitting president by August, according to a tweet Tuesday from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. Advertisement Haberman is among a rare group of mainstream reporters who has covered the possible prisoner […]

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