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Cuba’s Elites Have Failed Their Country

When the protests against the Cuban government broke out across the island on July 11, one of President Miguel Díaz-Canel’s first reactions was to refer to the behavior of the protesters as “totalmente vulgar, indecente, delincuente” (completely vulgar, indecent, delinquent). Though he would later backpedal and take a conciliatory tone, this elitist dismissal of the […]

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The Seductive Lie of Post-Pandemic Self-Optimization

Since early last year, four million people worldwide have died from Covid-19, with more than 600,000 people passing in the United States. With the onset of the virus, we were suddenly unable to see family, friends, or partners, or in some cases even to return home. From the acute devastation of lives lost en masse […]

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Can the Socialist Mayor Rise Again?

Walton believes Buffalo deserves better than it’s gotten. Not through billions poured into empty revitalization or a tech hub, but by investing in housing, health care, and community. These are simple planks, but they anchor the campaign. People seem to get it. She was in the middle of talking to me about home being “a […]

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