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How to Prepare Your Kid for a Coronavirus Exposure at School

Model appropriate coping strategies. “We know that how children cope with adversity is strongly associated with how the adult parents and caregivers in their life cope with adversity,” Dr. Cousino said. Parents can talk about their own strategies for carrying on, she said, maybe explaining that when they feel worried, it helps to take a […]

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With Masks On or Off, Schools Try to Find the New Normal

“What’s causing all the confusion, the infighting, the disagreement — it’s really a lack of goal setting,” said Joseph G. Allen, a Harvard University expert on maintaining health inside buildings, including schools. “Zero Covid in schools? Well, that may not be possible.” Wyoming Where Masks Are Scarce Homecoming dances have been canceled. So have athletic […]

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I Don’t Want to Be a Fun Mom

Leah Ruppanner, Ph.D., an associate professor of sociology and the co-director of the Policy Lab at the University of Melbourne, said that the emotional and organizational heavy-lifting that moms do in normal times may feel especially intense right now. In situations where both parents are working from home, Dr. Ruppanner wondered: “Who’s working at the […]

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