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The Domestic Workers Left Out of the Pandemic Recovery

Roxana, who is undocumented, was desperate for news about Covid-19 and immigration issues. NDWA’s page and the chatbot, she told me, made her feel important. “They gave us life, you know?” Roxana said. “I felt that we do have a say in this place, that we were not as invisible.” Despite being run by bots, […]

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The Baffling Legal Standard Fueling Religious Objections to Vaccine Mandates

When people apply for a religious exemption from a COVID-19 vaccine, they are stepping into a legal world shaped by Seeger. Even though that case was technically just about the interpreting the draft act, it quickly began to influence religious freedom in many other arenas. For example, when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) evaluates […]

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