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Wypipo Are Big Mad Over ‘Dear, God Help Me Hate White People’ Entry in Bestselling Prayer Book and, Well…LOL!

Photo: Doidam 10 (Shutterstock) I’m not sure how I feel about the idea that Black people can’t be racist in general, but there is one hill I have no problem dying on: Black people can’t be racist towards white people. I don’t say that because of the notion that racism requires systemic power—if I’m being […]

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Kevin Durant Returns From 23-Game Absence Just to Remind Everyone the NBA Finals Are Over Before They Even Begin

Photo: Sarah Stier (Getty Images) Kevin Durant, who was last seen getting fined $50,000 for calling some attention-starved white boy a “pale pasty cum guzzling bitch,” made his triumphant return to the court last night. Did you hear? Advertisement After missing the last 23 games with the left hamstring strain from hell, KD came off […]

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Exhibiting a Lack of Logic or Decency, Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax Says He’s Been Treated Like George Floyd and Emmett Till

Photo: Zach Gibson (Getty Images) Let’s just start off by saying that Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax ain’t shit. Advertisement He already indicated his potential ain’t shitness back in 2019, when he likened the sexual assault allegations made against him by two women to the racist lynchings of black people in the state of Virginia […]

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