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People Are Thanking Joy Behar And Whoopi Goldberg After Learning They’re Partly Responsible For Meghan McCain Leaving ‘The View’

It’s been two-and-a-half months since Meghan McCain departed The View, and it seemed at the time like she was leaving in a huff. Boy, was she. In a new excerpt from her forthcoming audiobook Bad Republican published in Variety on Tuesday, the conservative commentator said the show bred a “toxic work environment” that leaves one […]

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John McCain’s Daughter Reflects on Her Time on The View in Upcoming Memoir, Calls Show ‘A Toxic Work Environment.’ Sure, Jan.

So wait, let me get this straight: Because you did what you normally do, which is take everything as a personal affront and attack—even though, in this specific instance, Whoopi was addressing both you and Hostin—it left a permanent sour taste in your mouth? Even though there have been numerous times during your four years […]

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Cindy McCain Admits That She ‘Secretly Admired’ Her Son For Throwing Meghan Through A Screen Door After He Got Sick Of Her BS

After Meghan McCain exited The View, it sure seemed like the daytime talk show was washing their hands of the whole situation as viewers expressed how much they enjoyed the show now that McCain was gone. So it was very odd to see Meghan’s mom, Cindy McCain, fill in as a guest host on Wednesday […]

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