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Ultrasound Waves Destroy Cancerous Tumors Near Definitively

The University of Michigan published a fascinating article about how ultrasound technology could become a non-invasive treatment that destroys cancerous tumors with “millimeter precision.” That sure beats the prospect of having the surgical alternative. This kind of technology is called histotripsy and consists of sending targeted short acoustic energy bursts that will cause stress and […]

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Unlearn and Merck collaborate on medical twins trials

Join today’s leading executives online at the Data Summit on March 9th. Register here. Unlearn and Merck KGaA have announced a partnership to accelerate drug trials using medical digital twins of patients. Unlearn uses recent developments from deep learning to create digital twins of patients in clinical trials. The new technique allows drug researchers to […]

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This Nurse’s Apple Watch Spotted A Health Problem Months Ahead Of Diagnosis

There are times when our bodies might manifest certain symptoms that we might not necessarily pay attention to and might shrug it off as nothing. We suppose that can’t really be helped because some symptoms are so generic that it’s hard to tell if it’s something we should pay attention to or ignore and hope […]

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