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Starbucks, Goldman Sachs, ACLU and Others Pledge to Tackle Racial Wealth Gap by Boosting Black Employment and Business Investments

Photo: Shutterstock Some of the biggest companies in America say they will put their considerable might behind a mission of closing the massive wealth gap between Black people and white people in this country. Advertisement According to analysis by Brookings Institute, the median wealth held by Black households in the U.S. is not even 15 […]

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Money Talks, but White Supremacy Screams: How Much Does It Cost Hollywood to Undervalue Black Stories? $10 Billion

image of clapper board moneyImage: Gorlov Alexander (Shutterstock) Imagine being a capitalist structure, yet fumbling the bag in the name of racism. Then again, capitalism is a system founded on white supremacy in and of itself, so I guess it tracks. Advertisement Anyway, that’s what Hollywood keeps doing, in such a comedy of errors that […]

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