Tag: Mazar-i-Sharif (Afghanistan)

Taliban Allow Girls to Return to Some High Schools, but With Big Caveats

MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan — When Narges and her younger sisters were finally allowed to return to school last month, they braced for the new world outside their family’s gate. Following their mother’s lead, each layered on a black dress, black abaya, head scarf and niqab, as well as a face mask. Minutes later, overcome by anxiety, […]

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An Afghan Woman, Deserted by the U.S. and Fleeing the Taliban

As the clock wound down on the American military presence in Afghanistan during the summer, Najlla Habibyar, a 37-year-old Afghan living in Kabul, planned to leave the country. A United States green card holder, she was among thousands of Afghans who had worked closely with the American government — an association that, she suspected, made […]

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