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Augmented-Reality App Discussed Depicting George Floyd’s Death but Changed Its Tune After Press Release Backlash

A portrait of George Floyd stands outside Dogwood Coffee on March 31, 2021 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.Photo: Stephen Maturen (Getty Images) There are certain things you just never expect that you need to explain to people. You shouldn’t need to tell adults not to drink shampoo, steer their cars with their feet or that, despite Kendrick […]

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Marsai Martin Has an Office Rule for Produced Projects: ‘No Black Pain’

Marsai Martin went behind-the-scenes with the creators of got milk? to serve as creative advisor, AKA Boss Lady to Glass Half Full News on Thursday, September 10, 2020.Photo: Rachel Murray Framingheddu/Getty Images for California Milk Processor Board (got milk?) (Getty Images) Marsai Martin has made quite the mark in Hollywood and she’s making sure it […]

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