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‘Power to the People’: Floyd Mayweather Throws His Support Behind Kyrie Irving’s COVID-19 Vaccine Stance

Floyd Mayweather Comes to Kyrie Irving’s Defense Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Advertisement While it sure as hell isn’t my place to tell Kyrie to accept consultations on freedom of choice from a dude who can’t keep his hands off of women or who may or may not be a homophobe, anyone who encourages you to […]

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Brooklyn Nets Tell Kyrie Irving ‘You Ain’t Gotta Go Home, But You Gotta Get the Hell Up Outta Here’—Until He Gets Vaccinated

Kyrie Irving Prohibited From Games, Practices Over Vaccination Status G/O Media may get a commission Wow. As we’ve reported ad nauseam at The Root, the exact moment when Kyrie cemented his status as one of the biggest headaches in the history of the league—and no, it wasn’t when he insisted the earth was flat—was when New […]

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