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A Postgame Analysis of the Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One Verzuz Battle

Advantage: Big Daddy Kane Song choice and placement KRS-One stuck to his fan favorites and Kane seemed to forget his advantage with his female fan base and tried to match KRS as a pure lyricist, attempting to outdo the Blastmaster with his technical emcee skills and degree of difficulty. In a few rounds, Kane actually […]

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Happy Birthday to Tito Jackson! This Is a Tito Jackson Appreciation Post

“Maybe it’s because his name is Tito and I’ve never met a Tito I didn’t like. Liquor or human.” HA!!! Your writing just slays me. Fun fact: I named my first dog (a German Shepard) Tito…I loved him.* *I loved the dog…I mean I liiiike the human…

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