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Fox News and the GOP Are Now Blaming the Capitol Riot on the FBI

Photo: ROBERTO SCHMIDT (Getty Images) I’m a simple man; I tend to believe what I see with my own eyes. It’s a crazy concept, I know, but it’s gotten me through the last 29 years just fine. Apparently, the lunatic fringe currently known as the Republican party doesn’t share that same tendency, as they have […]

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Why Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley Won’t Be Punished for Fomenting a Riot

Baker’s self-dealing became a national scandal, and the Senate’s investigation became such a farce—it was led by a senator widely seen as a nitwit, and entrusted to a committee whose main purpose, as Newsweek put it at the time, was approving Senate press passes—that Senate reformers and liberals decided the body needed a more professional […]

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When Josh Hawley Told Dr. Fauci To Resign Over Emails, People Reminded Him That’s What He Should Have Done After Jan. 6

Projection is the psychological process of denying one’s own faults by attributing them to others. It’s also one of the favorite tactics of today’s Republicans. Case in point: Earlier this year, Josh Hawley earned scorn, even from his home state, for his role in promoting the events that led to the failed insurrection of Jan. […]

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