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Jordan Klepper Pokes The Anti-Vax Bear In A New ‘Daily Show’ Segment

There are a few uniting principles when it comes to the people whose pulses Jordan Klepper fingers on the regular while crisscrossing America for The Daily Show (and also probably for the satisfaction of some low-level masochistic tendencies he’s dealing with). They’re big fans of former steak in the mail salesman and reality TV host […]

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Comedy Central Expands The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Podcast, Launches New Series Hosted by Roy Wood Jr.

(L-R) Cover art for the new The Daily Show with Trevor Noah podcast series, Beyond the Scenes; Roy Wood Jr. at the 26th Annual Critics Choice Awards on March 07, 2021.Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central/ Getty Images for the Critics Choice Association (Getty Images) Comedian and TV correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, […]

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Mike Lindell’s ‘Daily Show’ Interview With Jordan Klepper Was As Batsh*t Crazy As It First Appeared

Turns out Jordan Klepper’s visit to Mike Lindell’s MAGA rally was as bats*it as the MyPillow guy himself made it look. The Daily Show correspondent was among the several who turned out to his MAGA rally in Wisconsin over the weekend, and he managed to snag an interview with Lindell and many of the Trump […]

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