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Biden Misread the Supreme Court’s Ruling Against the OSHA Vaccine Rule

Specifically, despite last week’s apparent reprieve from a radical nondelegation assault on “the administrative state,” liberals and Democrats—and commonsense conservatives and Republicans—need to be spotlighting that threat (which the court remains, in principle, free to revive): both its devastating real-world consequences and its threadbare constitutional credentials. As noted earlier, the prime targets of nondelegation radicals […]

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In a 6–3 Ruling, the Supreme Court Upholds the Covid Pandemic

But that distinction was ignored by the court’s conservative majority. They conspicuously cited how Biden and the White House described the mandate to the public, apparently prioritizing the administration’s P.R. strategy over how the mandate actually worked. They also repeatedly referred to it as a “vaccine mandate” when possible, even though it isn’t one, and […]

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