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Louisiana Cop Rips Out Black Woman’s Braids In Brutal Attack Caught On Video Recorded Minutes After 3 Boys Jumped Her

NewsOne Featured Video “Back the blue” enthusiasts have a go-to narrative to toss around anytime people are criticizing the racism and brutality of police officers: “Everyone hates cops until they need one.” This, of course, is a position of privilege as white people tend to be unaware of anyone’s lived experiences besides their own, and […]

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Video Shows Louisiana Sheriff’s Deputy Slamming Black Woman to the Ground

The video is short but harrowing. The camera lens quickly zooms past a car and focuses on the scene behind it: A sheriff’s deputy in Louisiana, who towers over a small Black woman, is slamming her onto the ground. The woman is lying on her back, and the deputy is hunched over her. He is […]

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