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Why Is the Biden Administration Trying to Jail an Indigenous Woman for Protesting Trump’s Border Wall?

The Quitobaquito Springs have also been diminishing because of drilling and water usage. Shortly before Ortega and David’s arrest, National Geographic reported that the flow of water into the springs had dropped by 30 percent. It was the lowest the water had been in decades. “Mud turtles and pup fish,” Eiler said at the trial, […]

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Indian Country’s Right to Say No

That’s the best way to think of the RESPECT Act: as a really good start. Because ultimately, should the bill pass, there will come a day when another president, unconcerned with the duty to uphold a nation-to-nation relationship with tribes, will push the attorneys at the Department of Justice to devise a work-around to the […]

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Should a Tree Be Able to Sue the State?

Right now, tree wars in the U.S. are between humans; the rights of natural features have no real legal standing. People go to court because a river is polluted and has compromised people’s drinking water, not simply because the river itself had a right to be whole and healthy. As a result, court settlements over […]

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