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Texas Republicans’ Attacks on Trans Kids and Abortion Are Part of the Same Sinister Strategy

In the coming days, Texas Governor Greg Abbott will sign a bill banning trans kids in his state from playing on a sports team that matches their gender identity. No matter that the state already has a restrictive policy; as it stands, if a trans girl in Texas wishes to play on the girl’s volleyball […]

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Texas School Official Advises Teachers to Offer Books With Opposing View of the Holocaust. You Know Slavery Is Next

“We are in the middle of a political mess, and you are in the middle of a political mess, and so we just have to do the best we can,” Peddy said, NBC News reports. Advertisement Here’s how the Guardian explains it: The training came after the Carroll school board had reprimanded a fourth-grade teacher […]

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The Republican War on Vaccine Mandates Will Not End Well for Them

Democrats have struggled to regain control of the narrative, in part because they have spent most of the summer griping over a bill that has little to do with the pandemic, at least not directly. The Build Back Better Act and its accompanying infrastructure bill were designed for a post-Covid world that hasn’t yet materialized; […]

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