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The Milk and Cookies Cake Roxane Gay Swears By

That’s partly why, when Gay needs baking inspiration, she turns to blogs and Instagram accounts sometimes run by casual home cooks who also like to experiment. She particularly likes the website Sally’s Baking Addiction (“She always explains why she’s made some of the choices she has in the recipe,” Gay said). There’s also the Instagram […]

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A Tomato Soup Recipe That Roxane Gay Actually Enjoys

I’m Roxane Gay. I’m in my home in Los Angeles. And today, I’m making tomato soup and grilled cheese, because it’s getting cold outside. [MUSIC PLAYING] For the soup, you’ll need butter, onions, all-purpose flour, diced tomatoes, chicken broth, sugar, salt and pepper, half-and-half, and honey. For the grilled cheese sandwiches, you’ll need bread, butter, […]

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