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White “Anti” Karen Wows Black TikTokers with Her Shade on White Women

Tell Me Something That White People Aren’t Ready to Hear Advertisement “White women, if this offends you sooooo deeply, think about why. If it don’t apply to you, tell the people it does apply to, but if you’re big mad and offended by it, maybe, JUST MAAAAAAAYBE, you need to seriously reflect,” said one user […]

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Cynthia Erivo Will Be ‘Defying Gravity,’ Starring Opposite Ariana Grande in the Film Adaptation of Wicked

Cynthia Erivo Will Star Opposite Ariana Grande in the Film Version of ‘Wicked’ G/O Media may get a commission While Erivo, who most recently portrayed Aretha Franklin and Harriet Tubman, is best known for her work onscreen—as is Grande for her music career—as Variety reminds us, neither star is a stranger to Broadway. Both stars […]

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Fully Vaccinated Senator Known as Fat Wolverine Stands With NBA Players Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

Want to know some other things Ted Cruz agrees with? He’s all for the Dollar Tree raising their prices. He opposes a higher minimum wage. He was a fan of light-skinned Aunt Viv. He was against Obamacare, and is still against same-sex marriage, and the legalization of marijuana. He hates immigrants, working out and Black […]

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