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SNX DLX: Featuring Winter Ready Jordans, The Latest Supreme Nike Cross Trainer Collaboration, & More!

Welcome to SNX DLX, our weekly roundup of the best sneakers to hit the market. After a couple of sluggish weeks, things look like they’re finally starting to pick up as we make our way towards the end of the year. We still don’t have any worthwhile entries outside of the two big brands, but […]

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The Sneaker Customizers You Should Definitely Be Paying Attention To

The sneaker just might be culture’s most effective modern-day canvas. These days, names like Hatfield, Abloh, and Bembury hold just about as much cultural weight as Haring, Warhol, and Basquiat. If you’re a sneakerhead, I challenge you to give me the name of the artist who created the last painting that moved you. Having trouble? […]

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