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Rudy Giuliani Admitted That He Didn’t Investigate Those Claims Of Election Fraud Before He Ranted About Them

According to the American Bar Association, “A lawyer has two main duties: to uphold the law while also protecting a client’s rights. To carry out these duties, a lawyer should understand the law and be an effective communicator.” But during Rudy Giuliani’s time working as the personal lawyer to then-president Donald Trump, his main jobs […]

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Steve Bannon ‘Playfully’ Trolled Mike Lindell Over His Newest Conspiracy Theory (About An Ex-Fox News Host)

Back in late July, a furious Mike Lindell pulled his My Pillow ads off Fox News. They wouldn’t air a commercial for his disastrous voter fraud symposium, which would have likely ended in yet another lawsuit. So he took his toys and went home. The détente only lasted two months, and Lindell quietly started airing […]

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