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PageTurners: Finding Historical Perspective In Literary Work

Home Front Lines – Brenda Sparks PrescottImage: Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company It’s 1962, and Betty Ann Johnson is living on an Air Force base outside Washington, DC. A couple hundred miles away, three sisters, Lola, Chita and Rosita Montero, love proudly in Matanzas, Cuba. Tensions begin to rise as Betty Ann hears of military preparations […]

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Stacey Dash Denounces Trump and Fox News and Is Now Sunken Place-Free. Well, Not Really, but Kind of…Man, Just Read

Photo: JC Olivera (Getty Images) Welp, it happened, Black people: Stacey Dash was finally able to Get Out. That’s right, the been-Clueless actor and former Fox Noose…I mean, News contributor has notified the sunken place that she will be vacating the premises ASAP and to please forward all of her mail to Herschel Walker. Dash […]

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