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Blacks For Trump: Notable African Americans Unwavering In Their Support Of All Things MAGA

Source: CHANDAN KHANNA / Getty Believe it not, Donald Trump gained a portion of his votes from Black people during the 2020 election. But what was it about his fear-mongering, disrespectful banter and obnoxious behavior that enticed these Blacks for Trump to cast their vote in his favor? A National Exit Poll conducted by the […]

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Daniel Cameron Wants Supreme Court To Bend Procedure So He Can Restrict Abortion In Kentucky

NewsOne Featured Video Source: Alex Wong / Getty All eyes are on the Supreme Court with oral arguments in the Mississippi Abortion case scheduled for Dec. 1. But a procedural question in a Kentucky case could be another deciding moment in the fight for abortion.  Cameron v. EMW Women’s Surgical Center is an example of […]

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