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The Black-White Vaccination Gap May Be Gone but Republicans, Whites Still Hesitant

Black-White Vaccine Rate Closes. Republicans, Whites Still Most Hesitant G/O Media may get a commission It was never true. Many media outlets didn’t care enough to know that the difference in vaccination rates between African Americans and whites was a reflection of healthcare disparities, economics and—most of all—access. There are simply more health facilities in […]

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Sage Steele Calls ESPN’s COVID-19 Mandate ‘Sick’ and ‘Scary’

Sage Steele Calls ESPN’s COVID-19 Mandate ‘Sick’ and ‘Scary’ The fact that Steele is only willing to take the vaccine to keep her job, instead of using it as a preventive measure from endangering her friends, family, and colleagues is telling. But then again, we’re talking about somebody who bitched and moaned on Instagram about […]

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