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Airheads On Airplanes: Viral Video Shows ‘Karen’ With Microphone Spreading COVID-19 Lies During Flight

NewsOne Featured Video In today’s episode of Why Are White People Like This? In Fact, Just…Why Are White People? a new viral video shows another Karen on another airplane living in her natural habitat of entitlement and doing whatever the hell she wants to do—and this one brought her own microphone.  Since the start of […]

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‘We Might Be Laughing…But This Is Serious’: Event Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Mixes Comedy And Science

NewsOne Featured Video Source: Tasos Katopodis / Getty Entertainers, Black church leaders and medical professionals are coming together to address continued hesitancy around COVID-19 vaccines. Live-streaming safely from Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in the D.C. metro area, comedian and writer KevOnStage will moderate “We May Be Laughing…But This is Serious.”  The event is also part […]

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