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5 American Cities That Thrive on Black Culture

Sculptures of celebrated musicians in the Roots of Music Cultural Sculpture Garden in Armstrong Park, New Orleans.Photo: Kelly vanDellen (Shutterstock) The word long doesn’t adequately express what we’ve experienced over the last 15 months. As we face another summer that looks far different from summers past, one thing is certain, and that is our need […]

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White House Finally Moving Forward With Investigations Into Civil Rights Cold Cases Related to Unsolved Murders of Black People

Photo: Castleski (Shutterstock) In 2019, former President Donald Trump signed a law commissioning the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Review Board, which would be granted the power to “declassify government files and subpoena new testimony in the hopes of reopening cases or revealing publicly why many were never fully investigated,” according to a Politico report […]

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