‘The Daily Show’ Thanks Fox News For 25 Years Of Dividing America With A Rabid Parody Rant From Desi Lydic

“Fox News, you should be proud of yourself for the past 25 years. You’ve brought half this country together, against the other half. Who else has done that?” Point taken, Desi Lydic. The Daily Show comedian has gone full-steam lately with her parody-filled “Foxplains” rants, in which she skewers stereotypical Fox News devotees. Granted, the […]

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Comedy Central Wants To Help Fans ‘Cope’ With Their Teams Changing Racist Nicknames

Washington Football Team’s second season with its far less racist name is already underway, and on Sunday, Cleveland’s baseball team will play its final game with a nickname many in the Indigenous community also found offensive. The moves are a significant sea change in the way sports teams approach their impact on the actual marginalized […]

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