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Mitch McConnell Praised Clarence Thomas’ Anti-Abortion Stance Hours Before SCOTUS Upheld Texas Ban Again

NewsOne Featured Video Source: Drew Angerer / Getty Hours before the Supreme Court shut down any hope of halting the extreme Texas abortion ban that went into effect last month, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell praised Justice Clarence Thomas. Guardian Columnist Moira Donegan caught the questionable conflict of interest. Per the recap Donegan shared, during […]

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The Supreme Court Could Save Tribal Sovereignty—or Demolish It

In one particularly cynical footnote, the Brackeens argued that even if the court adopts their race-based approach to Indian law, the other federal statutes that would be affected are largely nineteenth-century relics of a more overtly racist past, including one that contributed to the problem the ICWA was designed to fix. “To be sure, some […]

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It’s Not My Fault That People Don’t Like the Supreme Court Anymore

It’s also worth noting that the justices themselves are rarely better at public engagement than the institution. Their public appearances are generally limited to law-school lectures or presentations to various legal groups, with reporters often forbidden from filming them. Unless they are part of book tours like the one Breyer is currently on, the justices […]

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