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The Funk Boutique: Building Legacies in Fashion and Beauty

British Vogue May 2021 CoversPhoto: Mikael Jansson Well before she became a world-renowned actress, something was taken from the woman we’ve long known as “Thandie Newton”––the “W” in her name. It started when she was in school and continued when her name was misprinted in the credits of her debut role, Flirtation; now, she’s reclaimed […]

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Mic Drop: Soul as a Whole—and How it Continues to Grow

Shelley FKA DRAM – ExposureScreenshot: YouTube Soul, man it’s what drives music as a whole. As with all things, music adapts to what’s current, already going on. In recent years, the concept of the genre has transformed into whatever a specific artist identifies with, whether that’s the backing tracks, lyrics or melodies, soul has become […]

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