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Sports Reporting Is Broken

For most of the last month, the biggest story in the NBA has been a mystery: Why hasn’t Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving been vaccinated against Covid-19? Irving, who at this point reporters are practically required by law to describe as “mercurial,” has been outspoken about many issues, from racial justice to flat earth theories. […]

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A Conspiracy of Whiteness: Did an ESPN Insider’s Email Inadvertently Reveal How the NFL Blackballed Colin Kaepernick?

Advertisement Think about it—during contentious secret negotiations between the most powerful league in sports and the majority-Black players union led by a Black man, Schefter allowed a representative of the white billionaire owners to dictate the public narrative. Of course, most reporters curate personal relationships as sources, and Schefter is no different. But tilting the […]

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John Gruden Resigns After Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

G/O Media may get a commission When confronted about his favorite racist trope of choice, Gruden insisted that he was pissed at the time because the 2011 NFL lockout wasn’t going particularly well and he felt some kind of (racist) way about Smith, who was leading negotiations on behalf of the players. “I was upset,” […]

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