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Louisiana Cop Rips Out Black Woman’s Braids In Brutal Attack Caught On Video Recorded Minutes After 3 Boys Jumped Her

NewsOne Featured Video “Back the blue” enthusiasts have a go-to narrative to toss around anytime people are criticizing the racism and brutality of police officers: “Everyone hates cops until they need one.” This, of course, is a position of privilege as white people tend to be unaware of anyone’s lived experiences besides their own, and […]

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Justice For Christina Nance: Cops Suggest Video Absolves Them After Black Woman Dies In Police Van

NewsOne Featured Video On Oct. 7, in Huntsville, Alabama, 29-year-old Christina Nance was found dead inside a Huntsville Police Department van. Just over a week later, there still appear to be more questions than answers as to why she was in the van, how long she had been there before she was discovered and how […]

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Georgia Black Woman Shot In Head While Sleep After Neighbor’s Stray Bullet Penetrates Through Wall

NewsOne Featured Video Source: Scott Barbour / Getty Freak accidents are always hard to make sense of, especially when the circumstances involve a murder that didn’t have to occur in the first place. For one aspiring actress in Duluth, Georgia, the freak accident that led to her death by way of a stray bullet not […]

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