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Driving While Black In Philadelphia Just Got A Whole Lot Less Stressful After City Bans Minor Traffic Stops

NewsOne Featured Video The city of Philadelphia has taken steps to outright ban its police officers from initiating traffic stops for minor infractions, a move that should prompt a collective sigh of relief for Black drivers, in particular, who are disproportionately targeted for such moving violations. The Philadelphia Driving Equality Bill specifically prohibits city cops […]

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Suspected White Supremacist Who Killed Unarmed African Immigrant Released On Bail After Delayed Arrest

NewsOne Featured Video Have you ever pulled your car into a random driveway in order to turn around and drive back the other way? Of course, you have. It’s such a normal thing to do that most motorists do it without even having to give it a first thought, let alone a second. But, apparently, […]

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