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Steve Bannon Was Reportedly Very Worried That Jeffrey Epstein Would Reveal Damning Things About Trump During His First Presidential Run

When Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously died in 2019, he took a lot of secrets with him involving the notorious and the semi-beloved alike. The disgraced financier was friendly with Bill Clinton, and he was chummy with another president, Donald J. Trump. As per a new report by Insider, when the latter was in the midst of […]

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Tragedy Kept Alan Krueger From Claiming a Nobel Prize, but He’s Not Forgotten

But Clinton was persuaded finally in 1996 to raise it in stages to $5.15, in part by Card and Krueger’s paper. Krueger himself was by then working in Clinton’s administration as chief economist at the Labor Department. (Krueger would later be assistant treasury secretary for economic policy and chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers […]

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