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Maradona Was Buried Without His Heart So Soccer Fans Wouldn’t Steal It

Argentine Diego Maradona, considered one of the world’s greatest soccer players, was allegedly buried without his heart following his death in November 2020. (Photo by Steve Powell/Allsport/Getty Images) Diego Maradona, the long-time heart and soul of Argentine soccer, is apparently buried without one of those things. After his November 2020 death, the soccer star was […]

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How Latin American Women Can Keep Fighting for Abortion Rights and Win

Equally important as legal action has been the movement’s efforts to break the stigma against abortion and help people understand the realities women and girls face when they’re forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. In 2016, Planned Parenthood Global and others began the Niñas, No Madres (Girls, Not Mothers) campaign to inform and […]

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Dinosaurs May Have Been Socializing Nearly 200 Million Years Ago

Paleontologists have found the earliest known evidence that dinosaurs lived in herds — unlike reptiles, and more like penguins and other birds do today — and socialized with each other by age groups. The scientists, working a rich deposit of fossils at a site in Argentina’s province of Santa Cruz, at the southern tip of […]

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