Tag: Anti-Trans Violence

How Tucker Carlson and a Story About a Possibly Fictional Trans Person Fueled Two Weeks of Violent, Right-Wing Protests

The scene at Los Angeles’s Wi Spa on Saturday was disorienting: Anti-trans feminists carrying signs with slogans like “protect female spaces” mingled with QAnon-adherents chanting “Save our children”; men in tactical gear and pro-Trump t-shirts stood ready for battle; while elsewhere in the crowd, suspected members and friends of the Proud Boys harassed journalists. What […]

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Angry White Parents Are Once Again Winning the Battle for the American Classroom

The moral panic around efforts at anti-racist education—which, as both New York magazine’s Sarah Jones and The Guardian’s Julia Carrie Wong have pointed out, is a very old one wrapped in updated clothing—is the predictable result of several strands of right-wing outrage, undergirded by the force that generates so many reactionary movements: the need to […]

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Where LGBTQ Equality Legislation Goes to Die

The uncertainty around the Equality Act is not the first instance of LGBTQ equality legislation being left to languish in Congress. Most bills never get a vote in the chamber they’re introduced in, and if they do, thin Democratic majorities are left to bargain down their scope, usually at the expense of trans people. The […]

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